Oct. 23rd, 2016

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Hello there! 'Tis the season for merriment and gift-giving (for how else are we to stave off the dark and cold?) so it warms my heart to see you stopping by. Grab a seat, have some cocoa, and try not to get scratched by a troll on your way in. ;)

About me: I’m Kiraly, same name here, on AO3, and on the SSSS forum. I’m worldsentwined on Tumblr, so if you want to stalk me for ideas about what I like, those are your options. (Anonymous asks are open on Tumblr, too, in case you need to ask a question).

For convenience, I’ve grouped my requests into categories: A Redtail’s Dream, SSSS Platonic Relationships, and SSSS Shippy (Romantic) Relationships. So if you know you’re not interested in creating fanwork for one of those categories, you can skip it.  

Just in case you’re new to this kind of exchange, let me just say up front: You do NOT have to write or draw me all of the things I’ve requested! You only have to make one thing, I just wanted to give you options. And you don’t have to write or draw based on the prompts I give either, they’re just here to give you ideas. As long as your work involves one of the requested items, and as long as you don’t include things listed in my dislikes, I’m sure I’ll love it. <3

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