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The doorbell rings. You shuffle down the hall, stopping to grab a bowl of colorful goodies on the way. When you open the door, you find a small person dressed as...some kind of fictional character, probably. An elf? A witch? An Icelandic shepherd? Whatever she is, she has excessively long hair and seems to be excited. She is jumping up and down, holding out a plastic orange pumpkin.

“TRICK OR TREAT!!!” she shouts.

Hello Trick-or-Treat writer! Kiraly here (both on Dreamwidth and on AO3). Thank you for dropping by, I hope this letter will help you get some ideas. In general I tend to be more of a “treat” person than a “trick” person, but I’ve tried to include some trick prompts too (it is the time of year for dark and spooky things, after all). All of these are just suggestions; if you have a different idea, go for it! Read on for details.


Cute, fluffy stuff. It probably isn’t possible to write something too sweet, so feel free to pour the sugar on. For gen fics, I love to see characters building friendships, working together, going on adventures, getting into (and out of) trouble. Anything with characters out in nature is pretty great too, and autumn has such vibrant sensory details (crisp air, leaves changing color) so that would be nice.

Shippy fics are great too, and I’ve indicated my preferred pairings in each fandom. I have a huge weakness for cuddling, (mild) hurt/comfort, and, uh...characters getting soaked and having to snuggle to warm up, haha. Kisses are good (awkward or sweet). Any of the activities listed for gen fics would be great for pairings, too.
On the more Trick-y side of things, I get lots of feels from sad backstories and family drama. And for certain fandoms (*side-eyes SSSS*) shared danger and dealing with terrifying things together can be pretty good. Something scary with a happy-ish ending could be fun, though I don’t know if that counts as a trick or a treat.

For art, pretty much anything goes as long as it doesn’t hit the dislikes listed below. Something autumn or Halloween themed would be cool!

Dislikes (aka Do Not Want):
Character death or maiming. (For SSSS, this includes any requested characters getting infected with the Rash, though Prologue characters worrying that they’ve been infected is fine.) Violence beyond what is canon-typical. Harassment/bullying. Abusive relationships. Sexual violence of any kind. Explicit sex in general (I don’t mind reading it sometimes, but I have to be in the right mood so it’s probably best to avoid it here. Allusions to sex are okay though, if the story calls for it). It’s also probably best to avoid AUs (unless otherwise specified) or unrequested crossovers.

Art-wise, nothing NSFW, please. Or bloody/gory, I’m just not really into that.

Stand Still Stay Silent:
Requested Characters: Emil Västerström, Lalli Hotakainen, Tuuri Hotakainen, Onni Hotakainen, Reynir Árnason, Mikkel Madsen, Sigrun Eide, Aksel Eide, Sigrun Larsen, Árni Reynisson.
Acceptable Pairings: Reynir/Tuuri, Emil/Lalli, Aksel/Sigrun L. Other canon pairings (Torbjörn/Siv, for instance) are fine as background.

I decided I couldn’t leave out any of the main crew because some kind of troll encounter would be perfect for a scary Trick story. As they’re starting to explore the hospital in Odense, what will Mikkel, Sigrun, and Lalli run into? Is Sigrun’s injured arm going to be a problem? Will Emil, Tuuri, and Reynir be safe back at the tank, or will something find them? Obviously we’ll find this out in canon eventually, but I’d love to read a speculative story in the meantime. Something set during a different point in the story would be cool too; there are trolls aplenty, after all, and I’m sure our crew will run into more of them.

Troll attacks would work for Sigrun L. and Aksel, too. I can also see potential for some kind of infection scare - I headcanon both of them as immune, but they wouldn’t know that until something actually attacks them. Do they end up in quarantine (either together or separately)? How would they deal with that?

For Árni, since the rash never reaches Iceland, I’d be interested to see what life might have looked like for him as the outside world goes to hell. We know he’s having bad dreams, which seems like the beginning of mage powers. Does he ever figure out that he’s a mage? Does he do something to block the dreams, which is why Reynir doesn’t remember dreaming before leaving Iceland?

And for Onni, well...I have a lot of feels about whatever the Sad Hotakainen Backstory is. Normally I don’t like to request sad things, but it seems appropriate for a trick. Maybe a look at what happened that had them fleeing to Keuruu, or Onni’s inner thoughts as Tuuri and Lalli are far away in the Silent World. Maybe Onni fighting off threats to the expedition in the dream world, with or without the assistance of Lalli and/or Reynir.

Art: I know I said no AUs, but if you want to draw the squad in Halloween costumes, I will be delighted. (Try to avoid references that are too obscure though, I’m not in every fandom!)

I love the thought of little adventures with various combinations of the main crew - what happens when Lalli and Sigrun end up exploring a building with no one around to translate? If Tuuri and Mikkel are left at the tank and get bored, do they match wits against each other, or do they plot a prank on the rest of the crew? Will Emil and Reynir ever get over being mortal enemies? These are just a sampling of ideas, any fun interactions between any combination of the main six would please me. I’d also enjoy seeing something with Reynir exploring the dream world and figuring out more about his mage powers, or Tuuri putting her mechanic skills to good use.

I’d also love to see some Hotakainen family bonding, either pre- or post-canon. Onni being a weird mix of parent and sibling to Tuuri and Lalli gives me Feelings, and I wonder how he grows as a person while also taking care of them. What does he do when Tuuri has to deal with bullies, or when Lalli loses his first tooth and freaks out? How do they make up after having an argument (because I’m sure the three of them have disagreements fairly often) or unite against people outside the family trying to interfere with them? Something with Tuuri and Lalli running around as little kids would also warm my heart. Post-canon, I’m interested to see how their relationships change once the expedition ends.

I wouldn’t mind a glimpse at Árni’s life, either before or after Year 0, but we know so little about him that it’s hard to know what to request. He’s probably my favorite Prologue character though, so if you have any ideas for a story about herding sheep after the apocalypse, go to town.

Edit: Okay, I'm adding this in late, but recently an idea bit me (pun intended) that would be a great Halloween-themed story, so on the off chance someone reads this who hasn't already thought of a story idea, picture this: Emil/Lalli Vampire Seduction AU. Like, Lalli is a vampire (hates going out during the day, avoids can see the connection, right?) and Emil stumbles across his giant house and shelters from a storm...and isn't scared away when Lalli tries to be all "I'm a creature of the NIGHT! Fear me!" Or something like that. I know I said no AUs, but this idea has too much comedic potential.
(Also, I may be writing a Reynir/Tuuri vampire story now, because I'm weak, so don't worry if you see that. I'd still love to see what someone does with an Emil/Lalli version.)

Anything involving either Tuuri/Reynir or Emil/Lalli having to snatch moments alone while on the expedition would be lovely.

For Reynir and Tuuri, it makes me happy to see them managing to be helpful team members even though they’re not immune, and encouraging each other along the way. I also imagine they get into trouble when left behind at the tank, because Tuuri gets bored and convinces Reynir to go along with some scheme or another. (Alternatively, Reynir being the devious one could be a fun twist). Bonus points for cuddling or anything involving their height difference.

I love the idea of Emil and Lalli figuring each other out despite all the obstacles in their way - language barriers, different backgrounds, magic/no magic. Neither of them seem like people who have had a lot of friends before, so finding friendship in each other - and then more than friendship - makes me happy. Cuddles, cookies, annoying the rest of the crew with public displays of affection (or trying to hide their relationship and failing).

I’ve recently developed a weakness for Sigrun L. and Aksel - I like the idea of them slowly falling in love as the world falls apart. I’m also really curious about what they did before Year 0 - how did they become friends? I can see them knowing each other for years, maybe going on a (disastrous) date once and not pursuing anything further until after the Rash hits. Or maybe getting a glimpse of the two of them enjoying a quiet moment in the midst of the post-Rash chaos.

A Redtail’s Dream:
Requested Characters: Hannu Viitanen, Ville, Paju Kinnunen, Jonna Kuikka, Joona Kuikka, Riikka Skärsholm
Acceptable Pairings: Pre-canon either Hannu/Paju or Hannu/Joona. Post-canon Hannu/Ville. Jonna/Riikka is fine for either.

Art: Again, it would be fun to see these characters dressed up for Halloween. I imagine Ville gets into it and Hannu...does not, haha.

This is...kind of a crossover idea I guess, but the darkest thing I can think of for aRTD would be a story about what happens when the effects of the Rash Illness from SSSS reach Hokanniemi. How do they find out about it? Do the townspeople band together to fortify their home (like we see the Norwegians doing in the SSSS prologue) or do they scatter in small groups? I like the idea of seeing Hannu, Ville, and their friends working together (and probably getting on each other’s nerves) trying to survive Year 0.

From their interactions in the comic, it seems like Hannu and his friends get up to no good, especially pre-canon. (The mini comic about the graveyard is a perfect example, if you’ve read that, but there are mentions in the main comic of other incidents). So any story about the group of them having a misadventure would please me greatly. Post-canon there’s the added element of Human!Ville, who is probably very gullible about human things. I can picture the Kuikka twins playing tricks on him, or Paju bossing him around because he’s the only one who does what she says without arguing. Also, since he and Hannu have to keep Ville’s origin a secret, I can see things getting silly as they concoct more and more elaborate lies about his past. (Imagine Paju going all detective, determined to discover who Ville really is, and enlisting the twins and Riikka to help her).

So I mainly ship Hannu/Human!Ville, because they have the most canon interaction and I think they balance each other out really well. Hannu may be kind of an ass, but Ville won’t let him go too far without calling him out. And Ville seems to be the one person who Hannu doesn’t get annoyed by. Some of my favorite activities for these two: spending time together in nature, Hannu trying to teach Ville about human things (or Ville pestering Hannu about human things and Hannu reluctantly explaining). Anything involving sharing a bed (because Ville doesn’t like sleeping alone!) fills my shippy little heart with joy. I can see Hannu having other relationships pre-canon though, which is why I threw Hannu/Paju and Hannu/Joona in there. I’d be interested to see how either of them manage to get past Hannu’s prickly defenses and get him to admit to a shared interest. As for Riikka and Jonna...I just...think they’re really cute. Riikka seems like a total sweetheart and I’d love to read more fic about her in general; Jonna’s goofiness is fun and seems like it would mesh well with Riikka.

Prague Race:
Requested Characters: Colin, Leona, Miko, Toska, Pam, Sela
Acceptable Pairings: I don’t have any ships set in stone for this fandom, so I’m not picky. (Just...not Toska/Sela because she’s basically his mom).

So...I basically just really want fanfiction to exist for this, because last I checked there wasn’t any. Since the comic itself has some dark and creepy elements, this seemed like a good exchange to request it. (If you haven’t read the comic yet and are thinking about it, don’t keep reading; there are SPOILERS).

Art is good too, of course. I don’t have any art-specific requests, but if you can’t decide which character to draw, I have a giant soft spot for Miko (in either form).

The comic itself has so many little bits of horror throughout, even if they are toned down by humor. We’ve seen someone get eaten by a shark, someone grow a flower out of his eye, and then of course there’s Leona with her...helping hands. (And horror of horrors, one of the characters is a CAT! Save yourselves!) Anyway, I wouldn’t mind a story that included any of these darker elements, as long as it stays away from the Do Not Wants I listed above. Some possibilities: Leona learning how to use her extra hands (and trying to come to terms with the consequences of using them), Miko adjusting to his new body and werewolf instincts, maybe some darker parts of Toska or Sela’s past. Maybe something with Pam - has she ever done anything she regretted during the full moon? She said she loses control, and that could lead to some problems.

I would love to know how Colin, Miko, and Leona became friends. Anything about their friendship, even silly mundane things like eating together or going shopping (the kinds of things that happen at the beginning of the comic.) I have an extra-special love for Miko, so anything good happening to him would be a plus.

Stories of Sela and her two troll children would also warm my heart. Baby Toska is adorable, and I’d love to see more of Sela in her role as stoic protector.

Also, Pam! Pam running around with her werewolf pack, or more of her origin story (what did she do before she was a werewolf? What was her family like?) would be great. Seeing her develop a friendship with Miko would be cool too, because they’re two of my favorite characters.

Anyway, I think that’s about it! Thank you for reading, I look forward to seeing what you come up with! ^_^


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