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Dear Rare Pair Writer/Artist/Beautiful Person Who’s Making A Thing For Me,

Hello! This is the first time I’ve done an exchange like this, so hopefully I’ll get this letter part right. I’m looking forward to seeing whatever you make!

General Likes/Dislikes:


Fluff! Mountains of fluff. The kind of thing that can give people cavities. I enjoy Hurt/Comfort too, though I prefer it to be light on the hurt and heavy on the comfort, if that makes sense. A little angst is okay, but only if it ends in something sweet. Cuddling is pretty much my favorite thing, though I also appreciate little gestures of affection like hand-holding, hair-touching, giving of little gifts or making of favorite foods. Well-intentioned attempts at romance that fail spectacularly can be hilarious too (though again, I’d like it to end on a sweet note). Kissing is good. :)

For art, if it’s in color I really like bright and/or saturated colors. Vermilion red, cerulean, ultramarine, warm yellows, apple green, all kinds of jewel tones...mmm yes. Or neutrals with a bright pop of color, or just neutral/greyscale/black-and-white.


Character death. Violence that goes beyond what’s typical in canon. Harassment/bullying. Abusive relationships. Sexual violence of any kind. Explicit sex in general (I don’t mind reading it sometimes, but I have to be in the right mood so it’s probably best to avoid it here. Allusions to sex are okay though, if the story calls for it). It’s also probably best to avoid AUs (unless otherwise specified) or unrequested crossovers.

Art-wise, nothing NSFW, please. Or bloody/gory, I’m just not really into that.

Fandom-specific Ideas and Prompts:

(Note: These are all just ideas, if you think of something that seems fun and doesn’t hit one of my dislikes feel free to surprise me!)

Stand Still Stay Silent:

Requested pairings: Reynir Árnason/Tuuri Hotakainen, Emil Västerström/Lalli Hotakainen, Sigrun Eide/Mikkel Madsen, Michael Madsen/Signe Sørensen, Aksel Eide/Sigrun Larsen

Reynir/Tuuri: Delightful non-immune cinnamon rolls! I will love pretty much anything with these two, but I can see them getting up to mischief while most of the rest of the team is away from the tank, or wandering off on their own and getting in trouble. Bonding over being non-immune and wanting to get out to see more of the world. I’d also love to see post-canon stuff where either they’re in an established relationship or have to figure out what their futures will look like once the mission is over. (Bonus points for playing with each other’s hair - I imagine Reynir is as fascinated by Tuuri’s short hair as she is by his braid -  or referencing their height difference).

(Note: I said no AUs, but on the off chance that you’re planning to make visual art and you’ve read my hipster AU fanfic about these two, I would be totally okay with art based on that. And the same goes for Emil/Lalli.)

Emil/Lalli: So many fun things with these two! The language barrier (and efforts to learn each other’s language) and getting upset or worried about things that could be cleared up by talking if only they could. I would also love to see them working together and getting through dangerous situations even without being able to talk to each other. Or just fluffy cuddling in the tank, trying (and failing) to keep the rest of the crew from finding out about them, sharing food (cookies!) or other little domestic scenes. I’d be all about something post-expedition too, since there’s lots of potential for angst when it comes to possibly having to go their separate ways.

Sigrun/Mikkel: Three words - Old Married Couple. A lot of their interactions in the comic come across with a note of good-natured bickering that I associate with people who have been in a relationship for a long time, and I’d love to see that dynamic explored further. It’d be cool to see them working together (or arguing and then having to work together to do what’s best for the team). I also imagine them both having some war stories they wouldn’t necessarily share with the younger members of the crew, but might open up about to each other. Plus, I love seeing Sigrun boss Mikkel around and him snarking back at her.

Aksel/Sigrun (Larsen): I’d be excited to see anything with these two because there’s so much we don’t know! I’m really curious about their relationship, how nervous-for-his-grandmother Aksel ends up with kind-of-an-asshole Sigrun. Who makes the first move? Do they get together for expedient reasons (because it’s easier to survive when you have someone to watch your back, or maybe one of them wants a kid) and then fall for each other? Or does their interest grow until one of them decides to do something about it?

Michael/Signe: As with the other prologue characters, anything about these two would delight me. I would love to know how they end up together, especially how Signe ends up at the Madsen family farm. And from there, how do things move from “obnoxious customer and obnoxious customer service person” to “ancestors of everyone’s favorite sarcastic Dane”?

A Redtail’s Dream:

Requested Pairings: Hannu Viitanen/Ville

Important note: Only post-canon for this (so Ville is human). I enjoy the contrast of their personalities, because Hannu is a total grump and Ville is a sweetheart. And my favorite part is that Hannu is actually less grumpy and generally sweeter towards Ville than with anyone else, and this carries over even once Ville is human. So I’d love to see tender moments between them, with Hannu trying to deny he’s feeling anything. Plus, I imagine they’ll both have a lot of adjusting to do - Ville will have to get used to being human (and there will be so many things he doesn’t understand) and Hannu will have to figure out how to act towards Ville-the-human instead of Ville-the-dog. I really love the thought of these two cuddling (especially cuddling for comfort, because I imagine that Hannu claims to not like cuddling and only allows it when he feels bad for Ville). Also...any “firsts” for the two of them (like a first kiss) will probably be super awkward, haha.

Prague Race:

As of this writing, there is NO fic for Prague Race on AO3!?!? So it would be pretty cool (if surprising) if someone wrote something for it. I’d be okay with something set pre-canon too, especially if it involved Miko and Leona’s blanket fort skills.

Requested Pairings: Colin/Leona, Colin/Miko, Leona/Miko, Colin/Toska

Colin/Leona: This is the closest thing to a canon ship because Colin actually does have a crush on her? I’d love to see him figuring that out and doing ridiculous things to try to woo her, especially if she has no idea that’s what’s happening. I could also see her realizing it and putting him through all kinds of challenges to see how far he’d go. Also, Leona having conflicted feelings because she only has a year to live but Colin doesn’t know...could be interesting.

Colin/Miko: Okay, when Colin got kidnapped Miko’s reaction set off all kinds of shipping alarms in my brain. I think he could definitely have a crush on Colin, but because he knows Colin has a crush on Leona he tries to hide it and is even trying to be a good friend by encouraging Colin to go after her. So I’d love to see some exploration of that, and possibly some further struggles now that Miko is a werewolf.

Leona/Miko: This is the kind of thing that I see more pre-canon, but I like the idea of them being friends who get along really well and eventually turn into something more. Might only last for a little while, but they’d have fun and stay friends after. Mainly I put this on here because I love how comfortable Miko is in Leona’s apartment (just walking in and deciding to make food), and also the fact that they built a blanket fort warms my heart.

Colin/Toska: In the most recent pages I feel like the two of them would be really cute together. Colin would probably be a nervous wreck and get flustered at any sign of interest from Toska. Toska, on the other hand, would start with the friendly interest he shows in everyone and then...I don’t know, at some point maybe realize he’s more interested in Colin than he is in other people. I’m not sure how it would all work but I imagine some awkward and adorable shenanigans ensue.

Okay, I think that’s it! Hopefully I didn’t forget anything. I'll look back at this tomorrow to see if it still makes sense.


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