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A cold wind whistles through the trees, sending the last stubborn leaves sailing away. Bare branches rattle against the windows. A log shifts on the fire, setting off a cascade of sparks. The long dark of the year is coming ever nearer, but you don’t mind. You’re safe inside, wrapped in a cheerful quilt with a cat on your lap and a mug of tea on the table beside you. Let the wind howl if it wills. You are cozy and safe, and you have a book full of stories—some spooky, some sweet, and some told entirely through pictures—to get you through the night.

Hello, Trick-or-Treater! Or maybe I should just say “Treater” as I’ve only requested treats. I hope you’ll find something to inspire you, but as long as you keep my DNWs in mind, feel free to do as you like! If you need more ideas, you can check out my previous letters, find me on Tumblr as worldsentwined, or check out my AO3: [ profile] Kiraly

General Likes:
Cute, fluffy stuff. It probably isn’t possible to write something too sweet, so feel free to pour the sugar on! I don’t mind a bit of angst, but it has to have a happy ending. For gen fics, I love to see characters building friendships, working together, going on adventures, getting into (and out of) trouble. Anything with characters out in nature is pretty great too. For shippy fics, I have a huge weakness for cuddling, (mild) hurt/comfort, and, uh...characters getting soaked and having to snuggle to warm up, haha. Kisses are good (awkward or sweet or steamy). I’m also totally down for things like “characters have to share a bed for some reason” or other situations where the characters kind of get thrown together and then develop feelings for each other.

I’ve requested art or fic for every fandom, so do whichever you prefer! For art, I really enjoy a wide variety of styles, from sketches to watercolors to digital pieces. I love bright, saturated colors if you decide to work in color, but I also love greyscale and black and white. Since this is Trick or Treat, one art-specific request is to draw the characters in some kind of Halloween costume. (I got an amazing drawing of Reynir and Tuuri dressed as characters from Zootopia last year, for instance). I think most of my fic prompts will work for art too, but if you don’t see anything you like, feel free to do your own thing. :)

Dislikes (Do Not Want):
Character death or maiming, including (for No End and SSSS) characters getting infected who do not do so in canon. (More on that in the fandom-specific sections). Violence beyond what is canon-typical. Abusive relationships. Sexual violence of any kind. Explicit sex (allusions to sex or situations that get kind of steamy are okay, just...keep it teen rated or lower, please). It’s also probably best to avoid AUs (unless otherwise specified) or unrequested crossovers.

Please do not include romantic pairings other than the ones I’ve requested, with the exception of canon relationships like Torbjörn/Siv or the Prologue Hotakainen couples. No characters in two simultaneous relationships.
Anyway, enough of this. On to the fandoms!

No End )

The Raven Cycle )

A Redtail’s Dream )

Stand Still Stay Silent )

Anyway, I think that’s about all! If you have questions, feel free to ask. Anonymous comments are enabled here, and my Tumblr ask box is also open to anons.
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The doorbell rings. You shuffle down the hall, stopping to grab a bowl of colorful goodies on the way. When you open the door, you find a small person dressed as...some kind of fictional character, probably. An elf? A witch? An Icelandic shepherd? Whatever she is, she has excessively long hair and seems to be excited. She is jumping up and down, holding out a plastic orange pumpkin.

“TRICK OR TREAT!!!” she shouts.

Hello Trick-or-Treat writer! Kiraly here (both on Dreamwidth and on AO3). Thank you for dropping by, I hope this letter will help you get some ideas. In general I tend to be more of a “treat” person than a “trick” person, but I’ve tried to include some trick prompts too (it is the time of year for dark and spooky things, after all). All of these are just suggestions; if you have a different idea, go for it! Read on for details.

General Likes and Dislikes )

Stand Still Stay Silent )

A Redtail's Dream )

Prague Race )


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