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The doorbell rings. You shuffle down the hall, stopping to grab a bowl of colorful goodies on the way. When you open the door, you find a small person dressed as...some kind of fictional character, probably. An elf? A witch? An Icelandic shepherd? Whatever she is, she has excessively long hair and seems to be excited. She is jumping up and down, holding out a plastic orange pumpkin.

“TRICK OR TREAT!!!” she shouts.

Hello Trick-or-Treat writer! Kiraly here (both on Dreamwidth and on AO3). Thank you for dropping by, I hope this letter will help you get some ideas. In general I tend to be more of a “treat” person than a “trick” person, but I’ve tried to include some trick prompts too (it is the time of year for dark and spooky things, after all). All of these are just suggestions; if you have a different idea, go for it! Read on for details.

General Likes and Dislikes )

Stand Still Stay Silent )

A Redtail's Dream )

Prague Race )

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Dear Rare Pair Writer/Artist/Beautiful Person Who’s Making A Thing For Me,

Hello! This is the first time I’ve done an exchange like this, so hopefully I’ll get this letter part right. I’m looking forward to seeing whatever you make!

General Likes/Dislikes )

Fandom-specific Ideas and Prompts:

(Note: These are all just ideas, if you think of something that seems fun and doesn’t hit one of my dislikes feel free to surprise me!)

Stand Still Stay Silent )A Redtail's Dream )Prague Race )
Okay, I think that’s it! Hopefully I didn’t forget anything. I'll look back at this tomorrow to see if it still makes sense.


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