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Chocolate Box Exchange Letter

*looks up from a pile of discarded wrappers with a guilty expression and sugary breath* Oh, hello! I...seem to be out of chocolate at the moment. I wonder where I can get some more?

In other words, hello Chocolate Box creator! I'm thrilled that you're considering writing or drawing something for me. I'm pretty easy to please (Caramel centers? Mint swirls? Truffles? All good) so I'm sure I will love whatever you produce. Here are some ideas to get you started - though if you have a different idea, feel free to run with it! As long as it includes a requested pair and doesn't hit my "do not wants" it should be fine. :)

General Likes: Cute, fluffy stuff. It probably isn’t possible to write something too sweet, so feel free to pour the sugar on. For gen fics, I love to see characters building friendships, working together, going on adventures, getting into (and out of) trouble. Anything with characters out in nature is pretty great too. For shippy fics, I have a huge weakness for cuddling, (mild) hurt/comfort, and, uh...characters getting soaked and having to snuggle to warm up, haha. Kisses are good (awkward or sweet or steamy). I’m also totally down for things like “characters have to share a bed for some reason” or other situations where the characters kind of get thrown together and then develop feelings for each other.

For art, I really enjoy a wide variety of styles, from sketches to watercolors to digital pieces. I love bright, saturated colors if you decide to work in color, but I also love greyscale and black and white. I think most of my fic prompts will work for art too, but if you don’t see anything you like, feel free to do your own thing. :)

Dislikes (Do Not Want): Character death or maiming. (For SSSS, this includes any requested characters getting infected with the Rash, though Prologue characters worrying that they’ve been infected is fine. More on this in that section.) Violence beyond what is canon-typical. Abusive relationships. Sexual violence of any kind. Explicit sex (allusions to sex or situations that get kind of steamy are okay, just...keep it teen rated or lower, please). It’s also probably best to avoid AUs (unless otherwise specified) or unrequested crossovers.

Please do not include romantic pairings with canon characters other than the ones I’ve requested, with the exception of canon relationships like Torbjörn/Siv or Blue/Gansey.

Stand Still Stay Silent:
Requested Pairings: Reynir Árnason/Tuuri Hotakainen, Lalli Hotakainen/Emil Västerström, Michael Madsen/Signe Sørensen, Sigrun Eide/Agneta, Ragnar Árnason/Hildur Bjarnadóttir, Aksel Eide/Sigrun Larsen, Tuuri Hotakainen & Kitty, Reynir Árnason & Kitty, Emil Västerström & Kitty, Onni Hotakainen & Kitty, Lalli Hotakainen & Kitty, Mikkel Madsen & Kitty

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am MAJORLY freaking out about the events of Page 655, so I’d really prefer not to read anything referring to that page. If you have a headcanon for how it will all work out okay and want to write, like, a post-canon story that makes mention of it, that’s all right. But as I said in my general dislikes, I don’t want to read about characters actually getting infected with the Rash, even if that appears to be happening in canon right now. (I’m also 100% fine with stories that just...pretend that troll encounter ended with no one getting hurt, so feel free to diverge from canon if you’re in denial like I am).

Reynir/Tuuri: my sweet cinnamon rolls. I love that they both spent so much time being kept behind walls because of their non-immunity, and now they’re out in the Silent World. It would be cool to see them getting to have moments where they’re competent - Reynir’s magic actually works, Tuuri’s mechanic skills end up saving the day - and celebrating together. Or, on the flip side, one of them messing up and being comforted by the other. Sharing stories of their childhoods, having some alone-time while the other crew members are being decontaminated, cuddling for warmth or comfort...any or all of these would be lovely. I’d also like to see if they can make a relationship work post-canon, either through letters or one of them relocating to be with the other.

Emil/Lalli: I love the idea of Emil and Lalli figuring each other out despite all the obstacles in their way - language barriers, different backgrounds, magic/no magic. Neither of them seem like people who have had a lot of friends before, so finding friendship in each other - and then more than friendship - makes me happy. Cuddles, cookies, annoying the rest of the crew with public displays of affection (or trying to hide their relationship and failing). And again, any ideas about how they’d make things work post-canon (does Lalli move to Sweden? Does Emil actually manage to learn some Finnish so he can move to Keuruu? Do they both move somewhere else to be together?) would be lovely. I’m kind of a sucker for post-canon established relationship fics with these two, so feel free to run with something like that too.

Sigrun E./Agneta: Yeah, I’m officially on the Signeta train (pun absolutely intended). This is the best kind of rarepair - two ladies who have never met in canon, but whose hypothetical meeting would be totally awesome. I can see them meeting somehow in the course of their respective jobs (possibly Sigrun has to take the train somewhere) and hitting it off - or not hitting it off right away, but growing on each other. I also like the thought of the two of them going back to one of their homes and having to deal with cultural differences. Straight-laced, rule-following train lady being dropped in the midst of Norwegian Viking culture - it would be pretty great.

Michael/Signe: My two favorite prologue snark-buckets! I would love to read a story about how they went from their meeting on the ferry to ending up married with a child. Since we now know that they actually named their son after the cat who brought them together, something involving Magnus the matchmaking cat would please me to no end.

Sigrun L./Aksel: I like the idea of these two slowly falling in love as the world falls apart. I’m also really curious about what they did before Year 0 - how did they become friends? I can see them knowing each other for years, maybe going on a (disastrous) date once and not pursuing anything further until after the Rash hits. Or maybe getting a glimpse of the two of them enjoying a quiet moment in the midst of the post-Rash chaos. Sigrun’s “kind of an ass” attitude combined with Aksel’s “grandma’s boy” outlook makes for a fun character dynamic.

Ragnar/Hildur: Okay, we know nothing about these two except that they’re Reynir’s grandparents, but COME ON. Ragnar looks like he belongs on the cover of a Viking romance novel, and I am 1000% convinced that Hildur thinks so too and would be the one to write this. So that’s my idea: Hildur writing ridiculous pulp romance with a romantic lead who suspiciously resembles her husband.
Kitty & Everybody: What with recent events in canon, I just need something fluffy, okay? And what could be fluffier than a story about our favorite feline team member? I requested all the “& Kitty” pairings listed, but in the event that you have a story idea for Kitty with someone else who isn’t listed (Sigrun, for instance) that would also be fine.

A Redtail’s Dream:
Requested Pairings: Hannu Viitanen/Ville (A Redtail's Dream), Jonna Kuikka/Riikka Skärsholm, Jonna Kuikka & Joona Kuikka & Hannu Viitanen

Hannu/Ville: I ship Hannu and Human!Ville pretty hard (I blame page 549 for this, Ville not wanting to sleep alone gives me all kinds of feels) so anything involving them snuggling or showing affection would be great. Also great: Ville being affectionate and Hannu acting annoyed about it, because Hannu is still kind of an ass.
I’m also really interested to know how things shake out after aRTD ends. Does Hannu manage to convince everyone about Ville’s mysterious origins, or do they suspect? What kinds of blunders does Ville make as he figures out how to be human? Are there things he misses about being a dog? Anything involving these elements would be fun, as long as it ends well.

Jonna/Riikka: I think these two are really cute together! Jonna is a bit of a prankster, and Riikka seems like a total sweetheart. It seems like they’ve known each other for a long time (like everyone else in their town) so how did they go from being friends to dating? How do they make their relationship work even though they both have family obligations that probably keep them pretty busy? Any kind of fluffy, sweet moments would be nice too.

Jonna & Joona & Hannu: I feel like these three are the troublemaking squad of Hokanniemi. I’d love to see pre-canon stories about their exploits, getting into trouble as kids or teens. And post-canon, maintaining their friendship as they grow older and have changes in life, would be cool to see. (This could also incorporate one or both of the abovementioned ships, if you wanted to explore how their friendship changes when some of them have significant others. And I don’t really have a ship for Joona so you could make one up for him, if you like.)

The Raven Cycle:
Requested Pairings: Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish, Ronan Lynch & Blue Sargent, Richard Gansey III & Ronan Lynch, Adam Parrish & Blue Sargent, Noah Czerny & Blue Sargent

I’ve never requested or written anything in this canon before, but I’ve been reading the books ever since The Raven Boys came out and I LOVE them! Also I’ve been starting to read some TRC fic (because of traumatic in-canon events in my usual fandom) so it seemed like time to request something. That said, I may be requesting things that have been done a thousand times already, so if you have more creative ideas, feel free to run with them!

Ronan/Adam: Okay, this is like...the flagship of this fandom, right? And for good reason, because it’s totally adorable. I’m very taken with how each of them presents one face to the world - Ronan’s prickly “fuck you” defenses, Adam’s quiet reserve - when on the inside, they’re both starving for love, and by the end of the series they manage to find that in each other. Some of my favorite things, in no particular order: Ronan dreaming up little gifts for Adam, Adam letting Ronan talk him into doing dumb/dangerous stuff, anything involving Ronan’s love for The Barns and its dreamed inhabitants, Adam pursuing his college dream but always coming back to Ronan. Or Ronan going to visit him at school. Or tender moments in Adam’s tiny apartment above the church, prior to his leaving for college. I also LOVE Opal, so mentions of her would be lovely.

Ronan & Blue: These two are total bros and nothing can convince me otherwise. I really like seeing them grow to appreciate each other as the books go on; their little fist bumps and casual insults warm my heart. I also think that if the two of them decided to team up against the rest of the group (for something ridiculous, probably, like a board game competition or something) they would be unstoppable, or at least annoy everyone else while having a grand old time.

Gansey & Ronan: I’m really curious about what their friendship looked like before Ronan’s dad died and Ronan ended up moving in with Gansey. How did they become friends? Was Gansey going on about magic and Welsh kings, and Ronan got interested in spite of himself? Did some kind of magical phenomenon happen that both of them witnessed? I also like the idea of them keeping each other company during bouts of mutual insomnia, either pre-canon or during the events of the books.

Adam & Blue: For some reason I feel like these two would be the best at staying in touch when they all go off to school and/or Venezuela. Maybe they write letters? Maybe they both get a little homesick for Henrietta sometimes, and want to talk about it? Or maybe they just need to talk to someone with a realistic approach to money, so they keep each other in the loop about the ridiculous things Gansey and Ronan put them through.

Noah & Blue: This may be a bit of a stab in the feelings, but Blue and Noah’s little interactions are really great, and I would love to see more of that. Noah petting Blue’s hair, Blue taking Noah’s hands to give him energy, the way she just seems really comfortable with him - I don’t know, I just really enjoy it. I don’t really have a specific prompt, but the two of them enjoying being together would be nice.

All right, I think that’s it! Thank you so much, I’m really looking forward to seeing what you come up with!