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Hello there! 'Tis the season for merriment and gift-giving (for how else are we to stave off the dark and cold?) so it warms my heart to see you stopping by. Grab a seat, have some cocoa, and try not to get scratched by a troll on your way in. ;)

About me: I’m Kiraly, same name here, on AO3, and on the SSSS forum. I’m worldsentwined on Tumblr, so if you want to stalk me for ideas about what I like, those are your options. (Anonymous asks are open on Tumblr, too, in case you need to ask a question).

For convenience, I’ve grouped my requests into categories: A Redtail’s Dream, SSSS Platonic Relationships, and SSSS Shippy (Romantic) Relationships. So if you know you’re not interested in creating fanwork for one of those categories, you can skip it.  

Just in case you’re new to this kind of exchange, let me just say up front: You do NOT have to write or draw me all of the things I’ve requested! You only have to make one thing, I just wanted to give you options. And you don’t have to write or draw based on the prompts I give either, they’re just here to give you ideas. As long as your work involves one of the requested items, and as long as you don’t include things listed in my dislikes, I’m sure I’ll love it. <3

General Likes: Cute, fluffy stuff. It probably isn’t possible to write something too sweet, so feel free to pour the sugar on. For gen fics, I love to see characters building friendships, working together, going on adventures, getting into (and out of) trouble. Anything with characters out in nature is pretty great too, I’d really enjoy some wintery stories. Or stories with winter traditions from the characters’ respective countries would be cool too, I like learning about those! For shippy fics, I have a huge weakness for cuddling, (mild) hurt/comfort, and, uh...characters getting soaked and having to snuggle to warm up, haha. Kisses are good (awkward or sweet or steamy). Any of the activities listed for gen fics would be great for pairings, too. For some wintery ideas, maybe long walks in the snow while holding hands, sipping hot drinks by a roaring fire, ice skating (they still do that in Y90, right?) or snowball fights.

For art, I really enjoy a wide variety of styles, from sketches to watercolors to digital pieces. I love bright, saturated colors if you decide to work in color, but I also love greyscale and black and white. I think most of my fic prompts will work for art too, but if you don’t see anything you like, feel free to do your own thing. :)

Dislikes (Do Not Want): Character death or maiming. (For SSSS, this includes any requested characters getting infected with the Rash, though Prologue characters worrying that they’ve been infected is fine.) Violence beyond what is canon-typical. Harassment/bullying. Abusive relationships. Sexual violence of any kind. Explicit sex (allusions to sex or situations that get kind of steamy are okay, just respect the rating I requested, please). It’s also probably best to avoid AUs (unless otherwise specified) or unrequested crossovers.

Please do not include romantic pairings with canon characters other than the ones I’ve requested, with the exception of canon relationships like Torbjörn/Siv or Eino/Tuuli.
Request 1: A Redtail’s Dream (Fanart, Fanfic)
Requested Items: Relationship: Hannu Viitanen/Ville, Relationship: Jonna Kuikka/Riikka Skärsholm, Relationship: Jonna Kuikka & Joona Kuikka, Worldbuilding: Post-canon

I’m really interested to know how things shake out after aRTD ends. Does Hannu manage to convince everyone about Ville’s mysterious origins, or do they suspect? What kinds of blunders does Ville make as he figures out how to be human? Are there things he misses about being a dog?

I ship Hannu and Human!Ville pretty hard (I blame page 549 for this, Ville not wanting to sleep alone gives me all kinds of feels) so anything involving them snuggling or showing affection would be great. Also great: Ville being affectionate and Hannu acting annoyed about it, because Hannu is still kind of an ass. If you choose to write a fic that focuses more on one of the other requests, I’m fine with a platonic friendship between them too.

I requested Jonna/Riikka because I think they’d be cute together, but I don’t particularly have any prompts for them? Riikka is sweet and Jonna is kind of goofy, so anything that plays up that dynamic would be fun. Maybe a story of their first date? Or how they decided to date in the first place?

I also really love the Kuikka twins, so I’d enjoy a story about the two of them. I envision them as pranksters, especially when it comes to Hannu (I imagine they go out of their way to annoy him, hehe) or Paju (but more carefully, because they seem a little scared of her). Basically I’d love to see them goofing around and finding ways to amuse themselves, probably disrupting their quiet small town in the process.
Request 2: Stand Still Stay Silent - Shippy (Fanart, Fanfic)
Requested Items: Reynir Árnason/Tuuri Hotakainen, Lalli Hotakainen/Emil Västerström, Onni Hotakainen/Reynir's Brother (The One Who Knows What Death Looks Like), Sigrun Eide/Tuuri Hotakainen, Michael Madsen (Prologue)/Signe Sørensen, Aksel Eide/Sigrun Larsen, Aino Hotakainen/Saku Hotakainen

If you’ve interacted with me at all, you probably know that here in Kiraly-land we offer round-the-clock shipping. I’ll be overjoyed by anything you write with one of these pairs, so feel free to get creative!

For the prologue characters: I love stories about how they stick together (and, in some cases, fall in love) at the end of the world. Aksel and Sigrun fighting trolls together, Aino and Saku adjusting to life on the houseboat and the birth of their child, Michael and Signe somehow both ending up on Michael’s family farm - there are so many possibilities! I’d also be okay with a rash scare story, where someone gets attacked by a troll and has to worry about whether or not they’ll get infected, but I’d prefer a happy ending.

For Y90 characters: First, a note about AUs. I usually request people not do them for exchanges like this, but I actually have a huge weakness for silly modern AUs like coffee shops, roommates, etc. I also really love the fairy tale AUs that already exist, and it would be cool to see more based on different fairy tales. So if you feel like writing something like that for Reynir/Tuuri or Emil/Lalli, I’ll probably enjoy it. Also, if you’re making visual art and are familiar at all with my Hipster AU (You can find it here) I’m vain enough to be totally excited if you decide to draw the characters or a scene from that, hahaha. Now, onward to the canon-setting prompts:

Reynir/Tuuri: my sweet cinnamon rolls. I love that they both spent so much time being kept behind walls because of their non-immunity, and now they’re out in the Silent World. It would be cool to see them getting to have moments where they’re competent - Reynir’s magic actually works, Tuuri’s mechanic skills end up saving the day - and celebrating together. Or, on the flip side, one of them messing up and being comforted by the other. Sharing stories of their childhoods, having some alone-time while the other crew members are being decontaminated, cuddling for warmth or comfort...any or all of these would be lovely. I’d also like to see if they can make a relationship work post-canon, either through letters or one of them relocating to be with the other.

Emil/Lalli: the fandom darlings. I almost didn’t request these two because there’s already so much fanwork for them, but I love them to pieces so I couldn’t resist. Their little gestures of affection get me every time - hair smoothing, sharing food, each checking to make sure the other is okay. I like stories where they fight trolls together and work as a team, or where one of them gets hurt and the other is really worried and upset (until the eventual reassurance and cuddling fixes everything). Language barriers and the inevitable miscommunication are great, and I also like the idea of them learning (or trying to learn) each other’s languages. Also, I really love post-canon stories where they’re in an established relationship, so feel free to speculate about what their lives might be like in Y93, Y95, Y100, etc.

Onni/Reynir’s Brother (The One Who Knows What Death Looks Like) (Bjarni): Okay, this is a total rarepair, but hear me out. At some point I was thinking about Onni, and trying to figure out how to give him a happy ending (because he just needs all the hugs) and of course my little shippy brain was like “hmm, who can I fix him up with?” I settled on this particular Árnason because in Reynir’s childhood family photo he looks a little bit reckless and daring, but in the part where he actually talks to Reynir it seems like he’s been through a lot. So I thought about what it would be like for Onni, who has let his fear control him, to meet up with this guy (Update: BJARNI! His name is Bjarni) who has also experienced terrible things, but still goes out and does things in spite of that. I imagine him as fairly outgoing, kind of a flirt (because flustered Onni is the best Onni) and also willing to call Onni out on some of his more ridiculous overprotective behaviors.

Of course, if you’re doing visual art instead of writing, I’d really just be happy with any picture of the two of them hugging/cuddling/making out or whatever. The same goes for all these shippy requests, your visual art doesn't have to have an elaborate backstory, just cuteness. :)

Sigrun/Tuuri: In an alternate universe where Tuuri isn’t off making heart eyes at Reynir (probably the same version of events where Reynir’s making heart eyes at Onni instead) I ship Tuuri and Sigrun. From their first introduction Tuuri has seemed very impressed with Sigrun - first with her physical prowess (“You’re so TALL!”) but also her experience and skill. So I wouldn’t mind some one-sided pining on Tuuri’s part, maybe combined with Tuuri trying really hard to impress Sigrun and failing. But I could also see something mutual forming between them post-canon, when Sigrun isn’t Tuuri’s boss and Tuuri has had some time to become more confident in herself.

Sigrun, for her part, seems to feel good-natured affection for Tuuri, calling her nicknames like “Little Fuzzy-head” and “Short Stuff” among others. It would be fun to see her slowly coming to view Tuuri as an equal rather than a subordinate, maybe being impressed by things Tuuri can do (fixing stuff? Because Sigrun’s more of a “break stuff” kind of person?) or her determination. (Again though, I’d prefer any actual “get-together” moments to be post-canon, what with the chain of command.)
Request 3: Stand Still Stay Silent - Platonic Relationships (Fanart, Fanfic)
Requested Items: Lalli Hotakainen & Onni Hotakainen & Tuuri Hotakainen, Ensi Hotakainen & Tuuri Hotakainen, Ensi Hotakainen & Onni Hotakainen, Ensi Hotakainen & Lalli Hotakainen, Sigrun Eide & Mikkel Madsen, Michael Madsen (Twin) & Mikkel Madsen, Aksel Eide & Berit Eide, Tuuri Hotakainen & Emil Västerström, Reynir Árnason & Reynir's Parents & Reynir's Siblings

First off, Hotakainens! I would love to read about any and all Hotakainen combinations. (Note: I know I said I’m all about fluff, but I’m also aware that it’s hard to do Hotakainen backstory without adding sadness. I’m okay with sad feels as long as there’s some hope or humor in there, and as long as I don’t have to read a gory account of what happened to their parents). The sibling/cousin dynamic between Onni and Tuuri and Lalli fascinates me. What was it like for Onni, having to act as a parental figure as well as a brother? How did Tuuri’s desire to get out and see the world affect her relationship with Onni, both before and after she decided to accept Taru’s offer? Why did Lalli follow Tuuri onto the boat, even though he didn’t know what was going on and Onni clearly wanted him to stay?

And now that we know Ensi’s name, I’m curious to know how she related to her three grandchildren. Since she was a mage like Onni and Lalli, was she responsible for some or all of their early mage training? What did they think of her, and vice versa? For Tuuri it’s a little harder, but recently I was listening to a song called Prodigal Daughter by Pearl and the Beard, and for some reason it made me think of the two of them. Maybe Ensi has a hard time connecting with Tuuri at first, but starts to see pieces of herself in her granddaughter? And maybe a small Tuuri, desperate to impress the family matriarch, has to look for other ways besides magery to do so. Maybe that’s how she ended up with such an odd skillset. Or maybe not, but it would be fun to see a story about the two of them.

Also, a family portrait of the three young Hotakainens with their grandmother would be great, if visual art is your thing.

Next up: Reynir and his family! Hopefully the promised family trees will appear in the next few days, so we’ll have names for all of them to make this easier. I’d love to read more about Reynir’s childhood, his relationship with his various siblings (feel free to go wild with this, since we know so little about them in canon) and if his parents treated him differently because he’s non-immune. If you’re a visual artist, I’d love to see a grown-up family photo with everyone at the ages they’d be in the comic. Or maybe snapshots of Reynir and his siblings as they were growing up.

Sigrun & Mikkel: I LOVE their dynamic in the comic so much - they challenge and poke fun at each other, but they both want to get the crew back in one piece. I can see them getting in some kind of prank war that slowly escalates until something actually bad happens (like, say, a massive swarm of trolls and ghosts shows up) and they have to put aside their differences and work together. Or something where they tell old war stories, each trying to one-up the other with a more ridiculous tale. Sigrun trying to get Mikkel to laugh. Mikkel trying to get Sigrun to take a break for just one day so her arm can heal.

Mikkel & Michael: Mikkel has a twin! I totally called it on the page where Tuuri asked if he was the oldest and he gave a vague answer, hehehe! It looks like the two of them would have had an interesting childhood, seeing as Mikkel is stoic and his brother doesn’t seem to be. What kinds of antics did they get up to as kids? Did they work together, or did one of them cause all the trouble and blame the other one? Did they ever pose as each other to trick people? Did they continue to do this as adults, and this is part of why Mikkel kept getting fired? (Did their parents not know they were having twins? Because seriously, Michael and Mikkel? Who does that?)

Tuuri & Emil: These two are my BroTP. I think they would have a blast wandering around a city like Mora or Reykjavik, looking at fancy clothes and trinkets that neither of them can afford. Or they’d confide in each other about past hardships, once Emil stopped trying to convince Tuuri that he’s good at everything and once Tuuri stopped pretending that everything is always okay. I imagine the two of them would be the best at keeping in touch post-canon, sending letters full of gossip and hopes of a team reunion. I also think it would be really funny if the two of them accidentally started a bar fight and had to be rescued by the rest of the team (or at least, Sigrun and Mikkel and Lalli, I don’t know how much help Reynir would be).

Aksel & Berit: Jumping back to the prologue, I love the little glimpses we see of Aksel and his grandmother. He clearly adores her, and even though she doesn’t need to be taken care of she’s obviously fond of him as well. And then the snapshot later on that shows her helping him aim his gun - I love the idea of her as a mentor when the world falls apart. She seems like someone who is sweet with a core of steel, and since Aksel is sweet with a core of more sweet, she’d have to help him get strong enough to survive the apocalypse.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of! Hopefully one of these prompts will grab your attention. I look forward to seeing what you create! <3


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