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Hi there! Thanks for your patience while I finished up this letter, I hope it will help! I’m Kiraly, both here and on AO3. This is my first time doing the Every Woman Exchange, so I’m excited to see what lady-centric work you come up with! In general, I’m very easy to please as long as you avoid my Do Not Wants. Everything else is just to give you ideas, so if you come up with something that’s not on here, go for it!

General Likes:
Cute, fluffy stuff. It probably isn’t possible to write something too sweet, so feel free to pour the sugar on. For gen fics, I love to see characters building friendships, working together, going on adventures, getting into (and out of) trouble. Anything with characters out in nature is pretty great too. For shippy fics, I have a huge weakness for cuddling, (mild) hurt/comfort, and, uh...characters getting soaked and having to snuggle to warm up, haha. Kisses are good (awkward or sweet or steamy). I’m also totally down for things like “characters have to share a bed for some reason” or other situations where the characters kind of get thrown together and then develop feelings for each other.
I’ve requested art or fic for every fandom, so do whichever you prefer! For art, I really enjoy a wide variety of styles, from sketches to watercolors to digital pieces. I love bright, saturated colors if you decide to work in color, but I also love greyscale and black and white. I think most of my fic prompts will work for art too, but if you don’t see anything you like, feel free to do your own thing. :)

Dislikes (Do Not Want):
Character death or maiming. (For SSSS, this includes any requested characters getting infected with the Rash, though Prologue characters worrying that they’ve been infected is fine. More on this in that section.) Violence beyond what is canon-typical. Abusive relationships. Sexual violence of any kind. Explicit sex (allusions to sex or situations that get kind of steamy are okay, just...keep it teen rated or lower, please). It’s also probably best to avoid AUs (unless otherwise specified) or unrequested crossovers.
Please do not include romantic pairings with canon characters other than the ones I’ve requested, with the exception of canon relationships like Torbjörn/Siv or the Prologue Hotakainen couples. I’ll try to mention other pairings I enjoy in each fandom, but please keep them in the background - this exchange is all about the ladies, so the guys can have the spotlight some other time!
Now, on to the fandoms!
A Redtail’s Dream

Requested Characters/Groups: Group: Jonna Kuikka & Oona Kuikka; Group: Jonna Kuikka & Riikka Skärsholm; Paju Kinnunen; Oona Kuikka

Jonna & Oona: Sister shenanigans! I love the Kuikka family, so getting to read something that focuses on its two female members would be a delight. I’d love to see how the two of them relate to each other over the years, as Oona grows up and Jonna becomes more of an adult. What is it like to have such an age gap? Does Jonna help Oona through her first broken heart...or the first time she breaks someone’s nose? Or, since we see that the twins tend to be a bit immature, does Oona end up bossing Jonna around instead?

I prefer these two as a romantic pairing, though if you want to stick to friendship that’s okay too. I think these two are really cute together! Jonna is a bit of a prankster, and Riikka seems like a total sweetheart. It seems like they’ve known each other for a long time (like everyone else in their town) so how did they go from being friends to dating? How do they make their relationship work even though they both have family obligations that probably keep them pretty busy? Any kind of fluffy, sweet moments would be nice too - a first date, a night on the town, going to a drive-in movie (do they have those in Finland?) and cuddling in Riikka’s car.

She is FIERCE and determined and the kind of person who makes sure things get done, and I love her! I would love to see something with her planning an event and having to deal with all kinds of things going wrong (because let’s face it, several of her friends are pranksters or just plain lazy). I’d also be curious to see her take on the sort of magical things that happen in the comic - would she notice them and be determined to get to the source? Or would she dismiss everything as a crazy dream?

She’s only a child in canon, but I feel like there’s so much potential for her to grow up into someone fascinating. ESPECIALLY if there’s a crossover with SSSS, so she comes of age during the onset of the rash and is part of the first group of people to figure out how the new world works. Even if you don’t go that route, I’d love to see how she relates to her family, what it’s like for her living in a small town like Hokanniemi, and if she has any magical encounters of her own along the way.

Other aRTD ships:
I’m okay with background mentions of Hannu/Ville (post-canon) or Hannu/Joona (pre-canon) or Hannu/Paju (pre-canon).

Stand Still Stay Silent

Requested Characters/Groups:
Signe Sørensen; Hildur Bjarnadóttir; Group: Tuuri Hotakainen & Sigrun Eide; Group: Sigrun Eide & Solveig Eide; Group: Aino Hotakainen & Ensi Hotakainen; Group: Agneta & Sigrun Eide; Group: Sigrun Larsen & Ingrid Pedersen
Stand Still Stay Silent )
Signe: I love this snarky lady to pieces! It’d be cool to either see glimpses of her life before the Rash (why did she get fired all those times? What kinds of jobs did she have?) or how she copes with being stuck on Bornholm. Her relationship with Michael delights me, too, so I wouldn’t mind if that was in there.
Sigrun L & or / Ingrid: I don’t really ship these two on a permanent basis (because, well, we know that in Y90 Sigrun Eide and Trond Andersen exist, and the family tree makes it clear they were both married to their respective men). But I can totally see the two of them having a relationship at some point prior to that - a friends-to-lovers thing, growing closer due to shared danger once the Rash hits. Or, even without the shippy component, the way their friendship grows and changes through the first years of the Rash and all the trouble that comes with it. Learning to fight trolls, learning to survive in a world without wifi; they can get through it together!

Aino & Ensi: I cannot imagine giving birth and raising a baby on a houseboat while the world is dying around you, so I am convinced that Aino is totally hardcore and deserves all the fics! I’d love to see Ensi growing up, making the transition from childhood to adulthood. And since we know Ensi is a mage, I’d be interested to see how that develops, and what Aino thinks about it. I also wonder what kind of education the adult Hotakainens would see fit to pass on to Ensi, since they grew up in a world that is totally different from hers. Does she learn about the outside world, other languages and cultures? Or are there all kinds of gaps, misinformation passed along because the adults can’t quite remember and they don’t have a lot of resources? Give me 12-year-old Ensi who knows the forest like the back of her hand and all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody, but thinks America is a myth because she’s never seen a map that went beyond Finland’s borders.

Okay, I’ll admit I totally picked her based on my headcanon that she secretly writes romance novels about her husband Ragnar, aka Reynir’s Hot Viking Shepherd ancestor. But anything you want to do with her is fine! It’d be cool to see what life on the sheep farm is like, how she ended up there etc.

Again, I really enjoy shippy stuff with the two of them, but if you want to go gen that’s okay too. I love how they have a shared enthusiasm for adventure despite having completely different backgrounds. And I can definitely see Tuuri having a crush on Sigrun during the mission (“You’re so tall!”) and Sigrun growing steadily more impressed with Tuuri’s competence as time goes on. One note: while I enjoy hurt/comfort, and could see these two having some sweet H/C moments, I’m really freaking out about Tuuri’s possible rash infection and Sigrun’s infected scratches. So...I’d really prefer if those were glossed over. You can go canon-divergent, where Tuuri never gets scratched, or some kind of post-canon thing where everything with the expedition has worked out.

Sigrun & Solveig:
Mother-daughter bonding by killing trolls? YES PLEASE. I imagine Sigrun was a handful when she was growing up, but given that both of her parents are generals, I’m sure Solveig has plenty of tricks up her sleeve for dealing with that. And I love the idea of Sigrun and Solveig fighting alongside each other, either when Sigrun is just starting her training or when she’s an adult. Some quiet moments might be nice too, maybe some kind of activity they like to do in the winter when there’s less troll activity.

Yeah, I’m officially on the Signeta train (pun absolutely intended). This is the best kind of rarepair - two ladies who have never met in canon, but whose hypothetical meeting would be totally awesome! I can see them meeting somehow in the course of their respective jobs (possibly Sigrun has to take the train somewhere) and hitting it off - or not hitting it off right away, but growing on each other. I also like the thought of the two of them going back to one of their homes and having to deal with cultural differences. Straight-laced, rule-following train lady being dropped in the midst of Norwegian Viking culture - it would be pretty great.

Other SSSS Ships:
As I said before, I’m okay with any of the canon ships happening in the background. I also ship Emil/Lalli, Reynir/Tuuri (in the event that it isn’t a Sigrun/Tuuri fic) and either Reynir/Onni or Bjarni/Onni.
Yuri!!! On Ice

Requested Characters/Groups:
Group: Mila Babicheva & Sara Crispino; Group: Katsuki Mari & Okukawa Minako; Katsuki Mari
Mila/Sara: Not gonna lie, I ship these two a lot just because they’re both awesome and are seen sitting together for like...5 seconds in that one episode, haha! But really, I think they’d have a lot to bond over, with having the same career and also dealing with the drama that surrounds their male teammates. I’d love it if they two of them could get away for some fun in the off-time around a competition, or maybe visiting each other during the off-season. Social media interactions would be fun too! Plus, since they’re competitors, it would be neat to see some friendly rivalry between them, each challenging the other to do better.
(Also, a tiny part of me is incredibly amused by the thought of Sara dating a girl after her brother gets so protective any time a guy goes near her. Not something I want as the focus of a fic, but it would definitely be a fun detail to add in).

Mari & or / Minako:
I LOVE that these two come to the Grand Prix Final to support Yuuri and gush over the other skaters. I would be thrilled with a fic from their perspective that shows those events, or even just a story about the things they get up to in Barcelona while the show is focusing on other things. Honestly I’m fine with either shippy or non-shippy, feel free to do what you want!

My appreciation for Mari has grown steadily, and I just really want there to be more art or fic about her! What has she been doing while Yuuri was away? What does she do for fun? I sort of get the impression she keeps calm and steady in the midst of all the drama, so it would be nice to see her doing that...or maybe, having a moment when she needs a little support herself.
Other Ships: Again, these should mostly be in the background, but I’m very fond of Victor/Yuuri, Otabek/Yuri, Leo/Guang Hong, and pre-canon Phichit/Yuuri.
Anyway, I think that’s it! If you have any questions, anonymous comments are enabled, or you can send me anonymous asks at @worldsentwined on Tumblr. (You can also stalk me there, if you want to learn more about me or whatever).
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 Because apparently my Tumblr rant about healthcare wasn't enough to get it out of my system, I wrote this last night.

Pre-existing )
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Hello there! I'm Kiraly, both on here and on AO3. I decided to sign up for this exchange at the last minute, so hopefully this letter will have enough details! I've never actually made any fanwork for the Books of the Raksura, but I've loved them for years, so this seemed like a good opportunity to branch out a little.

In general, I'm very easy to please, so I'm sure I'll love whatever you create for me! Everything in this letter is more of a guideline than a rule, apart from the "Dislikes" section. If you want to include characters that aren't listed in a particular request, that's totally fine - as long as the requested characters get the spotlight, the more the merrier! And if you have your own idea for a story with the requested characters, feel free to run with it. :)

General Likes: )
General Dislikes: )Specific Requests: )

Anyway, I think that's all I have - if anything is unclear, feel free to ask! I have anonymous comments open here, or you can send me an anonymous message on Tumblr - I'm @worldsentwined over there. (Like I said, I don't really have any Raksura stuff on there, but I do like chatting with people about books I love, so feel free to talk to me!)


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*looks up from a pile of discarded wrappers with a guilty expression and sugary breath* Oh, hello! I...seem to be out of chocolate at the moment. I wonder where I can get some more?

In other words, hello Chocolate Box creator! I'm thrilled that you're considering writing or drawing something for me. I'm pretty easy to please (Caramel centers? Mint swirls? Truffles? All good) so I'm sure I will love whatever you produce. Here are some ideas to get you started - though if you have a different idea, feel free to run with it! As long as it includes a requested pair and doesn't hit my "do not wants" it should be fine. :)

General Likes )

Dislikes )

Stand Still Stay Silent )

A Redtail's Dream )

The Raven Cycle )

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Hello there! 'Tis the season for merriment and gift-giving (for how else are we to stave off the dark and cold?) so it warms my heart to see you stopping by. Grab a seat, have some cocoa, and try not to get scratched by a troll on your way in. ;)

About me: I’m Kiraly, same name here, on AO3, and on the SSSS forum. I’m worldsentwined on Tumblr, so if you want to stalk me for ideas about what I like, those are your options. (Anonymous asks are open on Tumblr, too, in case you need to ask a question).

For convenience, I’ve grouped my requests into categories: A Redtail’s Dream, SSSS Platonic Relationships, and SSSS Shippy (Romantic) Relationships. So if you know you’re not interested in creating fanwork for one of those categories, you can skip it.  

Just in case you’re new to this kind of exchange, let me just say up front: You do NOT have to write or draw me all of the things I’ve requested! You only have to make one thing, I just wanted to give you options. And you don’t have to write or draw based on the prompts I give either, they’re just here to give you ideas. As long as your work involves one of the requested items, and as long as you don’t include things listed in my dislikes, I’m sure I’ll love it. <3

General Likes and Dislikes )
A Redtail's Dream )
Stand Still Stay Silent: Shippy )
Stand Still Stay Silent: Platonic Relationships )

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The doorbell rings. You shuffle down the hall, stopping to grab a bowl of colorful goodies on the way. When you open the door, you find a small person dressed as...some kind of fictional character, probably. An elf? A witch? An Icelandic shepherd? Whatever she is, she has excessively long hair and seems to be excited. She is jumping up and down, holding out a plastic orange pumpkin.

“TRICK OR TREAT!!!” she shouts.

Hello Trick-or-Treat writer! Kiraly here (both on Dreamwidth and on AO3). Thank you for dropping by, I hope this letter will help you get some ideas. In general I tend to be more of a “treat” person than a “trick” person, but I’ve tried to include some trick prompts too (it is the time of year for dark and spooky things, after all). All of these are just suggestions; if you have a different idea, go for it! Read on for details.

General Likes and Dislikes )

Stand Still Stay Silent )

A Redtail's Dream )

Prague Race )

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 So I've been working away at a novel for the last five years (or technically a trilogy, since the attempt to write it as one book proved...chaotic), and since I have various drawings and bits of information about it scattered around, I decided to go ahead and make a post so they're all in one place. I'm using Dreamwidth instead of Tumblr because...well, it's less public (hello, all two of my friends!) and I don't want to go on long character explanations in a more public place. (But I do want them somewhere, because Reasons).

Anyway, here are some art references and a little bit of information on the protagonists of the first book. 

Gair Milos )

Citra Spire )
Citra and Gair )
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Dear Rare Pair Writer/Artist/Beautiful Person Who’s Making A Thing For Me,

Hello! This is the first time I’ve done an exchange like this, so hopefully I’ll get this letter part right. I’m looking forward to seeing whatever you make!

General Likes/Dislikes )

Fandom-specific Ideas and Prompts:

(Note: These are all just ideas, if you think of something that seems fun and doesn’t hit one of my dislikes feel free to surprise me!)

Stand Still Stay Silent )A Redtail's Dream )Prague Race )
Okay, I think that’s it! Hopefully I didn’t forget anything. I'll look back at this tomorrow to see if it still makes sense.

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The trouble with being an introspective person is that sometimes the strangest memories from ages ago will resurface, and I'll worry away at them like a sore tooth. Something like this happened a week or so ago, which prompted me to jot a late night poem to get it out of my system. Today I looked at it again, cut some things out and moved other parts around, and decided to post it on the internet. It's...a little bitter, just a warning.

Ice Water )
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 I was looking through one of my writing notebooks and found this snatch of poetry I came up with at a meeting with my writing group a few months ago. Sometimes if we don't have anything to critique we do writing prompts instead. For this, we had to write a poem in which all the lines start with the same letter. Anyway, I kind of like it, so I'm going to put it here. Let's see if I still like it in the morning.

Madcap Maundering )

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Why did I get an account on another blogging platform what is wrong with meeeeeee???


I'm thinking about putting all my crappy poetry on here, okay? Or maybe just commenting on other people's stuff.
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